Duke Ellington

The Greatest of the 1920's


Biography and Influence

Edward Kennedy Ellington, also known as Duke Ellington was a major part of the 1920's. Duke was born on April 29,1899 in Washington DC, United States. Known for his music, Duke started playing the piano at age 7 not knowing that this is just the begging of his long musical career. He also got his nickname "Duke" at age 7. His first song was influenced by his first job as a soda jerk "Soda Fountain Rag". Duke married Edna Thompson at age 19. Shortly after they had Mercer Kennedy Ellington their only child. Duke started his career playing in Broadway nightclubs. Duke played in the Cotton Club for many years with the Cotton Club orchestra (his band), where he began to pick up a handful of fans. In 1931 he went on his first tours around the world. His career was very successful. In the 1930-50's he performed in many concerts. Duke was given many awards for his passion and talent. He earned twelve Grammy awards from 1959 to 2000. Nine when he was alive. Duke died on May 24, 1974 at age 75 with Lung cancer and Pneumonia. Duke had a big influence in the 1920's. His music created the culture of Jazz we have to this day. He inspired many artist around his time, and still inspires many people all over the world today by his unique and creative music.
Duke Ellington - Mini Bio

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