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Thank you for an awesome 22-23 School Year!

Hope you are all enjoying this beautiful weekend. It is hard to believe this is our last week of school for the 22-23 school year. We are grateful for another amazing year at TJ and appreciate all of your help and support. We are also thankful for our staff who goes above and beyond to help our students each and every day.

The last day of school is Friday, May 26th. Students will have an early dismissal on Friday at 12:45. Our students and staff have worked hard this year, and we are proud of the progress and growth our students have made. We set expectations for our students and ourselves and our proud of our success this year.

Again, we want to take this time to thank all of our families for their continued support. We are fortunate to be part of such a dedicated and caring community. We also want to thank the PTO for all of the events and activities that were offered to our students, families, and staff.

Wishing everyone a fun and safe summer!

Field Day

Field Day Information

We are excited to be celebrating Field Day this week tomorrow Monday, 5/22, and on Tuesday, May 23rd. Here are a few reminders for our students. If students are wearing sunscreen, it should be applied at home. Students can wear a hat and sunglasses. Also, students should wear gym shoes for their safety. Students are encouraged to bring a water bottle with their name on it.

Below, you will find the schedule for TJ’s Field Day.

Monday, May 22nd

9:25 am-11:35 am

· Kindergarten

· 3rd grade (Michalisko. Punter, Zak)

· 4th grade

12:55 pm-3:05 pm

· 1st and 2nd grade

· 3rd grade (Faber, Faragoi, Killian)

· 5th grade

Tuesday, May 23

12:00 pm-3:30 pm

· FBI Banda, George

Specific questions can be directed to the Physical Education team.

Thank you!

David Cocallas -

Lisa Sharp -

Denise Zettek -

5th Grade Clap Out May 26th 11:45 (Weather Permitting)

TJ Fifth-Grade Families,

We are excited to share that on Friday, May 26th, our last day of school, weather permitting, we have organized an event to celebrate our 5th-grade students. If we have inclement weather, the event will be canceled. We are sad to see our students leaving TJ, but we are excited for them to start middle school next year. We have organized a “Clap Out Parade” to recognize their accomplishments and wish them all the best in middle school.

Our staff and students will form a line on both sides of the sidewalk around the building for our 5th graders to walk through as we clap and cheer for them to celebrate all of their accomplishments.

Families are also invited to attend. Any families joining us for the event can also join us in this celebration. If you are interested in joining us on May 26th, we ask parents to park in the back of the building. Families should park in the lanes on the blacktop the same way we organize car riders to park for dismissal. Families should plan on arriving at 11:40. The “Clap Out Parade” for our 5th-grade students will begin at about 11:45. The fifth-grade students will exit out the main door and walk around the building on the sidewalk and re-enter through the main doors.

After the parade, all 5th-grade students will return to their classrooms. If parents/guardians want to sign out their fifth-grade student after the event, families should come to the main office with their identification to sign out their child. Students will then be called to the office for an early dismissal.

Thank you!

Report Cards

Report card will be sent home electronically on May 31st.

Sprng iReady

Spring i.Ready results will be sent home with students on the last day of school.

i.Ready May 2023 Parent Letter

Re-Registration Packets

Re-registration packets for the 2023-2024 school year were sent home. Please take the time to review the packet and update the demographic information page. Return the required paperwork as soon as possible.

If you have an incoming kindergartener or know of families with incoming kindergarten students, please have them call the office at (815) 577-2021 to schedule a time to register as soon as possible.

Arrival & Dismissal Safety Reminders

Thank you to our families for following our procedures for arrival and dismissal. We are committed to the safety of our students, staff, and families and appreciate your cooperation. If your child is arriving or dismissing as a walker, please use the crosswalks, and adhere to our crossing guards.


D202 launches Safe2Help Illinois crisis reporting system

D. 202 launches Safe2Help Illinois crisis reporting system

District 202 is participating in a new statewide school safety program called Safe2Help Illinois.

This 24/7 helpline will offer students a safe, confidential way to share information on school safety issues.

Safe2Help Illinois was launched by the State of Illinois in December 2020 and aims to help prevent suicide, bullying, school violence and other threats to student safety.

“These are real concerns with our students and to have one place to seek help will be a great benefit,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Glenn Wood. “The safety of our staff and students will always be our top priority.”

With Safe2Help Illinois, students can connect with a trained crisis professional during their own crisis or report a potential threat.

Students can share an alert via the following ways:

Once vetted, the information will be immediately shared with District 202 school officials, mental health professionals, and/or local law enforcement, depending on the nature of the tip.

The program is not intended to punish, suspend, or expel students. Rather, the goal is to encourage students to “Seek Help Before Harm.”

District 202 staff and students will receive information about the Safe2Help Illinois program in January.

Students will view Safe2Help Illinois videos that are customized to their age level.

Learn more about District 202 school safety resources at

Visit the Safe2Help Illinois website at


It is the obligation of Plainfield School District 202 and Thomas Jefferson Elementary to provide the best possible education, within available resources, during the days that school is in session. Our goal is to increase and maintain excellent student attendance to best serve our students, families, and the community. Education is a partnership between our district staff, parents/guardians, and students. The quality of education we strive for can only be accomplished when students are consistently in attendance.

Parental Responsibility

In conformance with the State of Illinois Compulsory Attendance Law, parents/guardians are responsible for having his/her child in school when classes are in session. School attendance is not optional. Daily attendance and timeliness will increase the student’s probability for successful performance and foster the development of self-discipline and responsibility. Conversely, absences, repeated tardiness, and other truancies will have a negative effect on the student’s overall classroom experience and academic grade. Time missed from school can never truly be made up; the interaction in the classroom cannot be replicated by doing make-up work. If a student is not in attendance at school due to illness, he/she may not participate in performances or attend special events(such as book fairs or classroom parties) during or after school on that day, unless they have a medical note from a doctor or a dentist.

Personal Property

Students are not allowed to bring non-academic related personal property to the school. This includes, but is not limited to electronic devices, trading cards, toys, stuffed animals, and electronic games. These items will be confiscated and held in the office until retrieved by a parent. Any items not claimed by the end of the school year will be disposed of or donated.

E-Learning Days

E-Learning Days

E-Learning Days are used when all students in the district are in a remote learning setting because of an emergency (Snow Day/Emergency Weather Closure Day).

The schedule for each level will be synchronous learning.

  • Assignments for the day will be posted to the Google Classroom by the end of the school day by the teacher.
  • The remainder of the 5-hour instructional day will be asynchronous student learning.
  • High School students will log into their first period at 7:05 and follow their daily schedule.
    • Plainfield Academy, TAP, Turnabout, and PSTEP will log into their teacher's Google Classroom according to the attached schedule found on the high school document
  • Middle School students will log into their first period at 7:55 and follow their daily schedule.
    • Plainfield Academy and TAP Middle School will log into their first period at 7:45 and follow their daily schedule in the Middle School Document
  • Elementary Students will log into their teacher’s Google Classroom at 9:05 am

Students should be taking their laptops home daily.

Students should know how to access their Google Classroom. If you or your child is having difficulty accessing their Google Classroom, please contact your child's teacher.

Thomas Jefferson E-Learning Day Schedules

Social and Emotional Learning

Our focus for May is friendship skills:

Week 1 - Inviting to Play

At TJ, it’s important to notice and have empathy when other kids are being left out. Inviting other students to play is a caring thing to do. When we invite others to play, we will get to know them. At recess, this week, notice if anyone is being left out, and be sure to ask that person to join in and play!

Week 2 - Playing Fairly

At TJ, we play in fair ways. Being able to play fairly with others will help you make and keep friends. When you can’t agree on how to play together, it’s a problem. Finding a respectful way to agree on rules during a game helps you get along better with others. Sharing, trading, and taking turns are also fair and fun ways to play together. Think about how you can play fairly with your friends this week.

Week 3 - Making Amends

Everyone makes mistakes sometimes. When you hurt someone’s feelings, it’s important to take responsibility. Taking responsibility means admitting what you did, apologizing, and offering to make the situation better. This is called making amends. It can be hard to take responsibility, but it’s the right thing to do, and it helps everyone feel better. This week, if you make a mistake, remember to find a way to make amends.

Week 4 - Handling Name Calling

In our school, we have a rule about being respectful. It’s not respectful to call people names that hurt their feelings. If someone calls you a name, you can ignore the person or speak to him or her assertively. You can tell the person it’s not okay to call you names. If the person doesn’t stop calling you names, you should tell an adult. Saying kind words to others helps you make and keep friends!

ABCDE Calendar

Planfield School District 2022-2023 Calendar

Arrival and Dismissal

We are asking for your cooperation and patience with arrival and dismissal to ensure the safety of our students, staff, and families. If your child is a car rider, please place a nameplate in the front window of your car that is visible to staff. Your child's teacher can provide you with a nameplate or you can get one from the office.

If you and your child are walkers, we are asking everyone to cross using the designated crosswalks in the parking lot and in front of the school for your safety.

We are asking all families who are picking up their children as walkers to remain on the sidewalk and out of the grass. Please stay behind the bike racks to allow students room to dismiss safely.

Please know the safety of our students is first and foremost, they will not be able to change their dismissal arrangements unless the office has been notified. Please contact the office prior to 3:00 with any dismissal changes.

Thank you to everyone for your cooperation!

Student Laptops

Please have your child charge their computer nightly and bring their charger to school with them daily. Also, all students and parents/guardians are required to complete the District 202 Acceptable Use Policy each year. Please click on the link below:

District 202 Student Laptop Acceptable Use Policy

Student Information

Please be sure your child's emergency contact information is updated. If you need to make any changes to your contact information, please contact the main office.

Important Dates


22 - Field Day K- 5

23 - FBI Field Day

24 - Rain Day Field Day K- 5

25 - FBI Rain Day Field Day

5/26 Fifth Grade Clap Out 11:45

26 - School Improvement Day - Last Day of School Early Release 12:45


Megan Orto - President

Angela Roman -Vice President

Misty Dawn Yau - Secretary

Samantha Navarro -Treasurer


22 - Spring Fling 5:30 - 8:00

23 - PTO Meeting

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