ILEAP's Festival Friends

Let ILEAP assist you at forthcoming Festivals and Events

About Festival Friends!

We have been asked to assist our members so that they can attend local Festivals and Events, with their friends, in the knowledge that they will be safe and supported.

We will have a Staff ratio of 1:3 and those who require 1:1 will be able to attend with ILEAP Support.

More Info:

ILEAP's Festival Friends will look for Family Friendly Festivals and Events and see if our Staff are available, we will then advertise the event and go as a small group for the day / evening.

Likewise, if members have an event that they wish to go to, just let us know and we will try and make it happen.

We envisage 2 ILEAP Staff supporting a group of up to 6 people, plus any 1:1 staff and their clients.

The Costs Involved

The cost of Festival Friends will depend on each event, and so will be confirmed in advance, but will usually involve the following Costs:

Staff Time divided by the number of participants:

Transport divided by the number of participants:

Tickets (Carers are usually free)

Optional Food, Drinks and Merchandise