Welcome to 2020-2021: Return 2 Learn

Welcome Back!

I hope this newsletter finds you and your loved ones healthy and safe. With the 2020-2021 school year upon us, our staff is excited to see our Little Chiefs again! It has been five long months since we've seen them and our teachers and staff have been working diligently to prepare for their return on Tuesday, August 25th. Our teachers have been reassembling their classrooms and preparing lessons, custodians have been wiping the building spotless, and maintenance has been constructing and installing protective barriers in the building and in classrooms. While this year will be like none before it, we're prepared to provide a top-rate in-person and virtual education for all of our Little Chiefs!

Some important notes for the upcoming school year:

  • Please remember to send your child to school with a face covering every day. These will be required at certain times in the day.
  • Please remember to send your child to school with a water bottle every day. Water fountains have been shut off, but students may fill their bottle in a classroom sink faucet or a bottle filling station.
  • There will be no perfect attendance awards this year. If your child is not feeling well or experiencing even minor symptoms, please keep them at home.
  • Communication will be extremely important this year, particularly for those students who are learning virtually. Please keep in contact with your child's teacher and with the school if you have questions or concerns.

This school year will be a new journey for all of us, but please know that I am committed to keeping all stakeholders healthy and safe while we navigate through these unchartered waters together. I look forward to another great year with you and your child! School starts this Tuesday, August 25th at 8:05.


Mike Marsden, Principal

Face Coverings

Remember to send your child to school with a face covering every day!

Face coverings (masks, shields, etc.) will be required in any unstructured areas.
Face coverings will be required anywhere students may be exposed to students or where social distancing can not be guaranteed. A recent school board amendment to the face covering policy allows students to be outside without face coverings as long as social distancing is maintained. This includes recess, outdoor specials, and/or classes going outside for instruction. If students struggle to maintain social distancing while outside they may be asked to put their face coverings back on.

Face coverings (masks, shields, etc.) will NOT be required in structured settings, such as classrooms, unless social distancing can not be maintained. When social distancing can be upheld, students will not be required to wear face coverings.

Arrival & Breakfast

Hawthorne will open it's doors starting at 8:00. Students arriving with parents at drive-up or walk-up will enter through the kindergarten wing. Students arriving by bus will enter two different entrances. Kindergarten and 1st grade will enter through the main doors, while 2nd and 3rd grade will enter through the 3rd grade doors. As buses arrive, they will unload one bus at a time so we can limit the amount of students entering through the doors at once.

Under the circumstances this year, we are asking parents to say goodbye outside as we will not be allowing parents to walk students to their classrooms.

Breakfast will be available as soon as students enter the school. Breakfast will be eaten in the classrooms. We will have breakfast kiosks at each entry for students who are interested. Upon entering the school, whether they are buying breakfast or not, students will go directly to their classrooms. There will be no morning recess this year.


Water Bottles & Water Fountains

Remember to send your students to school with a water bottle! All water fountains have been turned off, but students may fill their bottle at one of our four new water bottle filling stations or at the faucets in their classrooms.
Water Fountain


Our teachers have been working very hard to assemble their rooms in a way that will allow social distancing. To assist with this:

  • Many teachers are removing unnecessary furniture to allow more space.
  • Our maintenance crew is constructing partitions to provide separation in some seating areas where social distancing will be more difficult. Some of our staff have even built their own.
  • With many parents opting for virtual learning our in-person class sizes are smaller.


We still intend to bring all of our students to the cafeteria for lunch. However, we've had to adjust our space and schedule to do this safely. We've shifted our schedule so only one grade level is in the cafeteria at once. With specials going to the classrooms, our entire gym was able to open up for lunch. We brought in extra lunch tables from other buildings and used furniture that was removed from classrooms to create extra seating. With 6 feet of social distancing between each seat, we have the capacity for 115 students to eat lunch inside our gym.


Our specials teachers, Mrs. DellaVedova, Mrs. Holsted, and Ms. Peter, will be traveling to student classrooms on carts like this one to deliver instruction. Specials teachers will teach their content either in the classroom or outside. Having our specials teachers travel to classrooms will help limit student exposure while at school.


The KCSD school board recently made an amendment to the face covering policy not requiring face coverings while students are outside. Social distancing will still be stressed. If students can not maintain social distancing, teachers may ask those students to put their face coverings back on.


We will be staggering our dismissal so we are not releasing all of our students into the hallways at the same time. Our staggered dismissal will go as follows:

  • Kindergarten - 3:50
  • 1st grade - 3:55
  • 2nd grade - 4:00
  • 3rd grade - 4:05

Parents arriving for Parent Walk-Up will still come to the side yard as they did last year. Students will be held inside the school until their parent arrives, then they will be released to dismiss.

At Parent Drive-Up, we have designated our pic-up lanes to specific grade levels. Parents with 2nd or 3rd grade students will wait in the lane closest to the sidewalk. Parents with 1st grade students will wait in the middle lane. Parents with kindergarten students will wait in the 3rd lane furthest from the sidewalk. Having these lanes assigned will allow for a free flow of traffic. For parents with students in multiple grades, they will wait in the lane of their oldest student (i.e. parent of a K and 2nd grade student would wait in the 2nd grade lane). This will prevent traffic from backing up as parents wait for older students to dismiss.


Box Tops For Education

Have you heard?! Box Tops For Education is going digital! No more clipping, no more sending your student to school with a baggie full of box tops. Participating brands are starting to change their packaging from a traditional Box Tops clip to the new Box Top label. If you see the label, use the new Box Tops For Education app to scan your receipt. Box Tops are still worth 10¢ each for our school. The app will find participating products purchased at any store and instantly add cash to our school's earnings online. You can download the app today!!

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Casey's Cash for Classrooms

Dear Parents,

We’re excited to share that our school is participating in Cash for Classrooms, part of Casey’s Rewards. This opens up Hawthorne Elementary to new funding opportunities to help improve learning environments for students.

The best part? Donations don’t come out of your own pocket. When you buy from Casey’s and use their rewards program you can simply turn your points into a donation to our school. Help Hawthorne Elementary make the most of this program and learn more at Caseys.com/schools.


Mike Marsden

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Breakfast Menu

For an enlarged view, please click the following link: Elementary Breakfast Menu.
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August Lunch Menu

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September Lunch Menu

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