Death Camps

By: Garrick Berger

Death Camps

Death camps were the next step up from the concentration camps, they were made for the one main purpose of killing off thousands of jews in efficient ways. These camps did more then slightly live up to the name they went beyond the name, the camps brought more death then imaginable to the victims of this genocide. There was no system to killing in these camps the jews would be dropped off stripped down of all possessions then killed off wether they were a man, women, or child, there was no time in between any of this as you were dropped off you began the walk to your own death no questions asked. The camps had several methods of extermination that did their job efficiently, the most common forms were the death vans that drove around filling the back with poison and when they stopped all the passengers were dead, second was the gas chambers that were crammed full of people and filled with carbon monoxide suffocating every one in them to death. The killing took only several hours and then the bodies were moved and burned to hide the evidence of the killing that had taken place.
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The Gates Of Hell

This is a picture of the entrance to a death camp that easily achieved their name of "The Gates Of Hell". This camp had the tracks go right into it for the trains to drop off every one and then they were simple slaughtered with no mercy.
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Death On Wheels

This picture shows one of the vans that the Nazis had modified to fill the back section loaded with jews and others so that when the van would drive that section would fill with the exhaust and suffocate every person to their death.


Chelmno was the very first death camp that the Nazis had established in December 8, 1941. The jews were deported to this camp for the first time, when they arrived there they were stripped of their clothes and belongings then put into a van. This was no normal van there were pipes set to the exhaust pipe so the exhaust would be pumped into the back and kill off all the jews while driving to the burial grounds.
Jasenovac - Cruelest Death Camp in WW2 (English subs) (WARNING -- NOT CENSORED)

Skip to 32:48 (only video i could find and is not censored)