My Best Work!

C. Royer's best work in 7th hour tech class as of 6/7/15!

They are in order of best to worst (as in #1 to #5)

Thematic Stories

I feel that this was definitely my best project. I focused more on the military one then the Atherton one, but I feel they both turned out very well done and were some of the highlights of my work in tech. The military one was about our soldiers who served and why they did it. The Atherton one was about what Atherton has done for us, and what they WILL do for us. It highlights how Atherton, no matter where we go, will always be our school.
It's My Tagul Cloud!

This assignment came easily to me. I make it a point to know what I want and to strive towards it. When it came down to it, I decided to use the flame for my shape. It represents my passion to do what I want to do. It deserves the number two spot.

Mr. Hermit

So the one I'm proud of here is Mr. Hermit. It talks about Mr. Hermit and how he leaves his house because he's bored. It shows how his imagination (and a scary monster) were nothing to be feared. The moral of the story was, "Fright is only in your mind/Don't be scared of the dark." I feel that this project definitely deserves the number three spot on my top five list. In fact, I think I'm gonna show my little brother this.

Abraham Lincoln's Biography

This was my very first project that I ever did in tech class and, in my opinion, one of my best. I feel that I supplied good pictures and even better text on his life as president, and as a person. I felt I did a very good job on it and the project was well thought out. The only thing I wish I could have done better? The order of the tools (like biography, then photo, then video). That aspect of the project never felt quite right to me. Anyway this is my solid number four finisher.

Last Of the Best, Canva Posters!

These were (in my opinion) some sweet posters. One was about inspiration and the other showcased how Atherton's wolverines were the best of the best. I really wish I could have some how made the center line in the Atherton poster less blurry though.