'Clote Convo

April 16, 2020

Grading Zooms

Thank you all for attending Wednesday's Zoom around grading. I know that we are all here for student success and will act on our student's behalf with compassion and grace. It was great to see everyone and engage in some meaningful conversation about the struggles we are facing.

Kudos to Mrs. Winans!

Hi Vanessa,

We would like to extend our appreciation for all of Carrie Winans’s assistance yesterday with investigating the check printing issue. Carrie spent a great deal of time working with our team to explore several possible avenues into the cause of this issue. She was willing to go above and beyond in using unfamiliar software and Munis processes to help provide us with the information we needed. Bookkeepers are often crunched for time, particularly with the current challenges our schools are facing, and Carrie sharing so much of her time yesterday was crucial in helping our team to diagnose and resolve yesterday’s problem.

Please let her know how much her assistance was appreciated.

Proud of these Guys!

Devante Mann and Matthew White have both just enlisted in the Marine Corps!

Happy Birthday to this Shark!

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