Personality Type:True Colors Orange

By: Christina Grinstead

Overview of My Color

My personality color is orange. Personality traits of orange that pertain to me are I need fun, variety, and excitement. In relationships I like to have similar interests and shared activities. I also enjoy receiving and giving extravagant gifts. At work or school I get bored with activities that are routine and structured. My symptoms of a bad day are rudeness and defiance, physical aggressiveness, or acting out boisterously. I am charming, spontaneous, eager, and generous.

Thoughts On My Color

I think that I'm somewhat like this color in some ways, but a lot of it does not pertain to me. I do tend to get physically aggressive when I get angry, and I also get irritable when having a bad day. When I was younger I did have trouble fitting into the group of other kids I went to school with. Everything in the relationships category is something that I relate to.