Crane Project

Lane Huebert

The lady told us a story about how the crane got it's long legs and red spot on there head. It was a long time ago and a crane brought a rabbit to the moon, the rabbit had to hang from there legs, and thats how the cranes legs got long. As a reward for the crane and he wiped the blood on the cranes head.

I read the story about the summer. The story is about a hunter up north hunting and he sees cranes and thinks about shooting it but when the cranes started dancing he couldn't shoot the beautiful creatures.


-Cranes migrate up to nearly 15,000 miles

-Come from southern states of New Mexico, Texas, and Louisianna, and the country of Mexico

-There route looks like an hourglass


-Cranes find a mate by dancing

-Like humans they can date and break up

-Go to the North to have there babies

Habitat and Food

-Cranes stay in the South for winter and in the north for summer

-Eat 80% Corn

-Put on 20% body weight while in Nebraska

Physical Attributes

-3-4 feet tall

-6-10 pound

-5 feet wingspan

it doesn't happen often when i get to see cranes and it was quite something getting to see them so close. The lady said so many facts that i had no idea before we got to go on this trip. I now have a better on the understanding on what cranes eat, look like, where they live, and how they get there.