Gap Years

Benefits Of Taking Time Off

By: Juliana Cedeno

Find Academic Focus

¨A gap year can allow you to find your academic focus before you start your degree program.¨Taking time off from school can help decide what major you want to study.The time off can help figure out what major you want to pursue if you're unsure instead of jumping into a major you have no passion for.


¨This experience has really opened my eyes to the opportunities the world has to offer.¨(Sean Gregory) The female student realizes that the gap year showed her more opportunities. The gap year probably opened more doors for the student in her life then if she would have just went straight back to school. While she was traveling she probably thought of what she wanted to do with school, and traveled to learn more.

Saving Money

¨School vouchers are certificates issued by the government for a certain sum of money that parents can spend at the public or private school of their choice.¨(ProQuest Staff, SIRS) If you are given a school voucher you get a certain amount of money that you can spend at school. Not everyone is given a school voucher or scholarships. It may be harder for some people to go right back to school because they may not have the money. Some people may choose to take the time off and save money for school so they can atleast have a deposit.


Taking a gap year is not for everyone. Some people would rather go right back to school so they don't forget any information they just learned and just find it academically better for them. But for others they need to take time off to decide on a major, travel the world, or save money just to go to college. Taking time off of school can either open many doors or close them its your decision.

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