Stan van Etten is running.

The world becomes the future.

Wednesday, June 10th, 1:15pm

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest

Washington, DC

There will be an event in the White House. There are some room tours, helicopter tours and many more things to do. We hope you come visit our event. Till soon!

Legislation 1 (one)

There will be more recycle bins in the country. So no trash is allowed to throw on the Streets. This will be punished by a high fine. This legislation will ensure a clean world.

Legislation 2 (two)

Vionlence is forbidden. If you encounter violence, call the American support.

The AS will arrest the offender/perpetrator and send him/her out of the country.

Legislation 3 ( three )

The cost price of some products( E.G.: Hyper cars, water/electricity, food, events and outside activities. The companys will get subsidies from the government.

Legislation 4 ( four )

All future inovations/projects will be supported by cash rewards. Why?

Because we want to make our dreams of the future true.