Digital Citizenship

Boise School District Training Options for 2014-2015

What is Digital Citizenship?

Be a Digital Citizen

Digital Citizenship & E-Rate

Common Sense on E-rate and CIPA: Toolkit for Teachers

Digital Citizenship Toolkit of Resources

Common Sense Media’s free, comprehensive Digital Citizenship K-12 Scope & Sequence provides you, your teachers, and your school community with all of the resources you need to educate your students about the three CIPA-required topics:

1) Appropriate Online Behavior

2) Safety and Privacy

3) Cyberbullying

The Toolkit contains lessons organized by grade, complete with supporting student handouts, videos, assessments, and parent tips, as well as a Teacher Verification Document.

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School Verification for Digital Citizenship Training (Required)

Teachers can fill out this document and then print or email to their school principal. Digital Citizenship E-Rate Teacher Verification

Principals can create a Google Form and collect the information on a Google Sheet.