"Boston Tea Party"

Local Tea Ship Burnt down and tea thrown out in the water

Tea Was Attacked!

December 7th 1773

Local docks were attacked. On December 16th 1773, local soldiers found out about the attack and now are seeking the people who did the attack. We talked to some people around the area asking them about it, "Briton deserved it" said a lady who owned a store near the docks. Another said "Briton is probably offended by the idiots who did the horrid crime", we are still trying to find out who terrorized the boats, but we are not sure.

December 29th 1773

We have found the culprits of the attack, they were dressed up like the Native's. The attackers are named "The Suns Of Liberty", they were disgusted by Britons actions and attacked the near by boat. We are still trying to capture the group, but they have no trace.