What Do Toddlers Need?

What is Toddlerhood All About?

The Exploring Toddler!

"Toddlers are known for exploring the world around them. Curiosity, independence, and self-will are the common traits of toddlers. Adults need to help toddlers begin to think independently; yet, they need to help children find a balance between their own self-will and the limits to self-will society expects."

Celia Anita Decker - Children: The Early Years


The student understands the development of toddlers, ages 1 to 3, and is expected to analyze strategies that promote growth and development.

Enduring Understandings

  • The foundation of future development is established early in life.
  • There are specific care-giving practices that can maximize early human growth and development.
  • Predictable milestones of development can help care-givers to make informed decisions about caring for children.

Essential Questions

  • How are physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development interrelated?
  • What makes a care-giver effective?
  • Why is the understanding of the milestones of development important in the study of children?
  • What are the best parenting/caregiving practices available to maximize a child's ability to thrive and grow as a family and member of society in a positive way?