Animal Abuse

Abbey Horan


Animal abuse is basically defined as the mistreatment of animals under a persons care. It is closely related to domestic abuse in the sense that it normally occurs in or around the persons home. And think about it, if a person can abuse an animal, they can more than likely abuse a person, too.
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Many people don't realize, it's not only dogs that get abused. Many other helpless animals lose their lives to neglect or abuse from humans.
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This bar graph only shows 10 years from 2000-2010, but it shows how common animal abuse really is. Keep in mind, these are only the reported cases.
15 Shocking Facts About Animal Cruelty
This video does a good job at tying in visuals while presenting different facts. They're unsettling and upfront. Throughout the world and in America, animals outnumber humans by far, and the ones we keep as pets are sometimes treated horribly. Not to mention all the other animals like horses, chickens and cows that are abused for the purpose of food or resources for humans.
Facts About Animal Abuse In America
This is just a general fact video to represent animal abuse nationwide. It gives the most common forms of abuse.
This is a poem about dog fighting. It's written from the perspective of a dog that's forced to fight but only wants unconditional love.
These two links (above and below) are websites solely involved with animal cruelty resources.