Dear Members of the Alvord Community,

In an effort to slow the spread related to the current wave of COVID-19 infections, we are asking every student to complete an COVID-19 Antigen Home Test before returning to school after the President's Week break from 2/14 - 2/21. Students should test regardless of their vaccination status or the presence of symptoms.

During the week of February 7, a 2-pack of antigen at-home tests were distributed to all students and staff so that everyone can test before returning to school on February 22. Screening testing is among the most effective strategies to slow the spread of COVID.

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Anyone who tests positive should use the second test to test again 5 days after the initial positive test and before returning to school. For everyone who does not test positive, the second test should be used in the future if symptoms are present or if exposed to a positive case.

Principals will communicate with their families exactly how they plan to distribute them to their students. Parents of students who are absent or expect to be absent this week should contact their school and arrange to pick up the 2-pack. Students should test either Monday evening or Tuesday morning.

Access Bio Carestart Antigen Home Test Kit - Instructional Video.

What Do I Do If My Child Tests Positive?...

Students who test positive may not attend school. However, under the new guidance (Released January 12, 2022), quarantine can end after day 5 if symptoms are not present and the student tests negative. If unable to test, and symptoms are not present, quarantine can end after day 10, and the student can return to school on day 11.

Use the QR code below to go directly to the Google form to report the case and the absence. Or, click on this link (or click on the Google image below) to access the form. If you complete the form you do not need to call in your absence. Due to the potential high volume of cases during this surge, please complete the form instead of calling. The form can be completed on a smart phone or a computer.

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Mask Mandate Requirements in Schools May Change Soon...

The state’s mask requirement for vaccinated people in most indoor settings, not including schools, will lift on Feb. 16. While school mask rules won’t change on Feb 16, they are expected to change soon if conditions continue to improve. Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks.

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On January 12, 2022, the California Department of Public Health updated their K-12 School Guidance to address the COVID-19 surge. In response we have updated our protocol related to isolation, quarantine, and testing, as follows:

  • Parents of any student in a classroom or group (sport’s group, activity group, etc.) with a confirmed COVID-19 positive case will be notified of a possible exposure, regardless of whether or not the student may have been a close contact (e.g., those within 6 feet).

  • Notified students will be on modified quarantine, which means they may continue to attend school unless they are sick or experiencing COVID-19 like symptoms (100.4° or higher, new cough, diarrhea, vomiting, or other common symptoms).

  • While on modified quarantine, students will be provided an Antigen Rapid Test (as supplies last) and expected to test three to five days after the exposure or if symptoms occur, whichever comes first.

  • Any student who tests positive for COVID-19 may not attend school for a minimum of five days. Student who test negative on Day 5 may return to school on Day 6 if there is no fever and their symptoms have improved.

  • Regarding sports and extracurricular activities, students on modified quarantine may participate in all after-school programs at all grade levels, unless they develop symptoms or test positive for COVID-19.

What's Different Now Compared to What We Were Doing Prior to January 12, 2022 Guidance?

Prior to the updated guidance, students who tested positive were out of school for 10 days, at a minimum. Under the new guidance, students may return on Day 6 if they test negative on Day 5, and their symptoms have improved.

Prior to the updated guidance, students on modified quarantine were not allowed to participate in after school programs and extra-curricular activities. Under the new guidance, they can participate unless they develop symptoms or test positive for COVID-19.

Prior to the updated guidance, contact tracing was done to identify students in close proximity. Under the new guidance, contact tracing includes any student who was in a classroom or group (sport’s group, activity group, etc.) with a confirmed COVID-19 positive case.

Prior to the updated guidance, students on modified quarantine were encouraged to test a minimum of twice-weekly. Under the new guidance, students are encouraged to test a minimum of once, 3 to 5 days after the known exposure. Of course, families can choose to test on their own as often as they would like, but we are limited to one test per student given our supply at any given time.

Please direct your questions about COVID-19 protocols to our COVID Help Center. See contact information below.

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Please Continue to Be Vigilant and Watch for Possible Symptoms...

Any persons exhibiting any of the common COVID-19 symptoms (see below) or who have been exposed to someone with any of these symptoms should protect themselves and others by getting tested and by staying home until the symptoms are gone.
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City of Riverside and Alvord Team Up to Offer Free Covid-19 Testing

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