By: Aerial & Skye

What About Mammals ?

  • All mammals are warm blooded.
  • Most young are born alive
  • They have hair or fur on their bodies.

  • Every mammal is a vertebrate.

  • All mammals have lungs to breathe air.

  • Mammals feed milk to their babies.

  • Mammals have bilateral symmetry.


Tarucas are medium-sized deer with heavy bodies. They measure from head to rump, with a tail, and stand tall at the shoulder. Adults weigh between . As with most deer, males are significantly larger than females.

Greater Long-Tailed Hamster

Is a major crop-eating rodent that lives in Northern China. It has been a major pest since ancient times, also has a habit of standing up on its rear legs and screaming loudly.

Slow Loris

  • In parts of Asia, the slow loris is believed to be able to cure over 100 diseases.
  • The slow loris is one of the only poisonous mammals in the world.
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slow loris at night
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