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Meadow Lane Bengals Weekly Update: October 6th

MLE Office Hours 8:30-4:30

Life @ the Lane

At Meadow Lane, our main goal is student safety. Luckily, we have many adults actively supervising students during arrival and dismissal to assist in keeping our students safe, however, we could use your help.

Car Riders (Arrival): We ask that adults remain in their vehicles when dropping students off. This ensures our line flows and moves at a consistent pace. We always have staff on hand to assist a student struggling to exit a vehicle.

Car Riders (Dismissal): Due to recess extending until 3:35 each day we keep our gates closed until students and staff are safely inside. Keep in mind the back up which occurs on Indendepence Ave if you arrive at the line early. We suggest lining up after 3:40 each day. Please remind students to stay seated in the car and buckle up once they enter in order to prevent injury in case of a fender bender.

Walkers (Dismissal): We love to see our Bengals taking advantage of the nice weather and walking to & from school. Our student walkers should not enter vehicles across the street as it causes additional traffic and visibility concerns for all others. We invite all cars to head into our lower lot and follow our car rider protocols.

Always rooting for our MLE Bengals,

Dr. J & Mr. Fritz

Sharing Praise

Looking for a way to share a Meadow Lane SHOUT OUT? Use this link to celebrate and appreciate our #MLEProud teachers and staff. Make a conscious effort to notice when someone is doing good work and let them know you are proud of their contributions to our school. We will share your praise with our team each week.

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News from Our PTA

Let's Build a Fall Party in a Box!

Looking for an easy way to support MLE's students while offering them a chance to have some fun? Our PTA would appreciate donations for an upcoming Fall Party in a Box for all classrooms on Friday, October 29th. We are unable to have visitors in the building at this time, but still, wish to celebrate students' hard work with a fall party.

Thanks for supporting our Fall Party in a Box!

Please turn in all donations to the MLE front office by October 22nd.

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District Information

LSR7 District Calendar

Every Friday is a one hour late start.

Dates & Reminders

Every Minute Counts

MLE's school hours are 9:10-4:10 and our teachers definitely take full advantage of every precious minute students are in the classroom. We understand there are times when a student needs to leave early or arrive late, but we ask that you do your best to schedule appointments outside of school hours.

Friday, October 15th

  • One hour late start

Upcoming Dates

October 14th 4th, 5th, 6th grade MAP Scores will go home

October 22nd-End of 1st Quarter

October 25th-29th Red Ribbon Spirit Week

October 28th-Fall Picture Retakes

November 1st-5th No School

November 3rd & 4th Parent/Guardian-Teacher Conferences