Weekly Eagles P.A.G.E.

Pease Actions Guiding Excellence

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September 8, 2015 - September 11, 2015

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On Our Radar

  • Creating a Positive Student Culture with Clear Expectations and Anchor Charts
  • Posting Student Work Outside and Inside the Classroom
  • Implementing Class DoJo
  • Set up Accounts with ALL in Learning
  • Preparing for SLOs
  • Parking Assignment Changes
  • All K-1, and 2nd grade Reading Teachers attend BL PD on 9.8.15
  • All 2nd-5th ELAR, and K-1 Reps to attend Writing PD on 9.9.15
  • All 2nd-5th Math, and K-1 Reps to attend Guided Math PD on 9.9.15
  • All Staff to attend Differentiation PD on 9.10.15
  • DDI: Assessment Review and Student Predictions
  • Prep U on 9.12.15
  • 3rd-5th ACE Math Carnegie Learning Academy on 9.26.15 (Make sure that you sign up)
  • October Compliance PD
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Information Updates

Instructional Communication Loop

Bulletin Board Expectations

Bulletin Boards

Bulletin boards must meet the bulletin board expectations. Bulletin boards inside and outside of the classroom should be updated on the 1st of the Month with authentic student work. Holiday bulletin boards must be taken down and replaced with new class materials by the end of Monday following the holiday. If you do not have a bulletin board outside of your classroom please utilize the tack strip in the hallway to display current student work.

Please see the bulletin board expectations below.

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Data, Data, Data!!!

Data Driven Instruction: DDI

In order for us to truly move our students, we must continuously study our data. A part of the DDI framework is to review the assessments and make student predictions. We will share two documents to complete this process this week. Since it is a short week, we will schedule times for your team to meet with the Instructional Team. I will contact your GLC to see when the best days are available to meet.
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Operational Communication Loop

  • Class DoJo is a school-wide management system that is in place for students in Grades 2-5th. We are setting up accounts and more information is forthcoming.
  • Reasoning Minds starts 9/8 for identified grade levels
  • ISIP assessments will begin by the end of the week once we have headphones. There will be a schedule sent to you for you to take your class to the computer lab so that you are able to monitor students as they complete the assessment.
  • After school program starts next week. We will send applications to you to send home with students' parents. We will discuss logistics in more detail that also includes tutoring for students in need.
  • You will receive SLO information and the SLO assessment template to use to begin your pre-assessments. SLO drafts are due on 9.14.15 and the final SLO, PDP, and Goal Setting Conference is due 10.1.15
  • All in Learning Classrooms must be created by end of day 9.9.15. Please see a CIC for more info if you need assistance.
  • We will begin official Spots this week and your appraiser will schedule goal setting conferences with you for next week. Please remember that LOs and DOLs should have the "I will..." verbiage.
  • Committee Meetings will be held on Friday after school. Please see the Outlook Calendar to see if your Committee is meeting.

School-wide Discipline System: Class DoJo

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Extraordinary Eagle of the Week


Your Eagle of the Week is due on Thursday. Remember that you should click on the link inside the outlook calendar and submit your student name. We want to make sure that we complete this task so that we can begin to recognize our Extraordinary Eagles next week!
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TEI Corner: Staying in the Loop of Communication

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SLO Reminders

Also, keep in mind that teachers who do not complete their SLO Setting and SLO Accomplishment will receive a score of zero this year.

“For Category A and B teachers, this component is 5 percent of the overall evaluation.

For Category C and D teachers, this category is 10 percent of the overall evaluation (or, one-half of the student achievement score).

When school-level STAAR results are not available, the SLO is all of the student achievement score (or, 20 percent of the overall evaluation).” - page 16 of the Teacher Guidebook 2015-2016

TEI Reminders

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Parking, Parking, Parking

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Limited Space

Teachers and Staff,

I know that we have limited space in the back parking lot. However, we can no longer continue to double park and interrupt instruction in order for people to leave. Therefore, we must put this plan in place. Effective: 9.10.15:

o Teacher Assistants, PK, Kinder, and Second Grade teachers will use parking lot on Cummings Street next to the Recreation Center. We will receive a lock to secure the gate. The doors that are located by the PK classrooms that face Cummings st. will be unlocked in the mornings to allow entrance through that door.

o First, Third, Fourth, Fifth, OM, CRC, Custodial Staff, and Leadership Team will use parking lot on Sunnyvale

o Cafeteria will use parking near cafeteria doors

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding

Media Specialist Corner

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Professional Reminders:


Teachers and Staff,

We must remember to hold ourselves accountable for expectations to ensure that we are successful. Here are a few reminders of things that we have noticed:

  • Please ensure to reinforce all school systems with consistency and fidelity.

  • Candy and snacks will not be allowed as a student reward. Attached to our revised behavior plan you will have a list of suggested incentives for rewards. You will have access to the document tomorrow. Healthy snacks will not be allowed also since students are provided with breakfast in the classroom, lunch, and will receive fruits/ vegetables in the afternoon starting 9.21.15. We have to be mindful of allergies, therefore, we will just not use food as an incentive.

  • Please continue to ensure that you are taking your classes to their assigned areas and monitoring your last section for the day during dismissal. We should not see groups of teachers huddled/ conversing while scholars are unsupervised. It is imperative that we arrive to our dismissal post on time. Everyone should be at their post NO LATER THAN 4:00pm. Please be mindful that parents have other students to pick up at different schools and jobs to get to in the evening. Let's do our part by being on time.

  • Please continue to enforce uniform policy pertaining to the following:
o Boys/ Girls shirts must be tucked in.
o Scholars are not to wear sweaters/ jackets that are not solid school colors in the hallways or while transitioning through the day

  • Continue to ensure we are having bell to bell instruction.

o Activity/ Do Now during breakfast

o Transition activities anytime students are waiting in line.

o Transitions in classrooms should be orderly and quick.

o All teachers must ensure they are using timers throughout the daily schedule.

Upcoming PD/Events

Compliance Trainings Due

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SOC Prep U

Saturday, Sep. 12th, 8am

SOC High School

Count Down!

Greetings Family!

Less than 3 weeks away from what will be another Successful event for our feeder pattern! We are going to do it the same way we’ve done it for the Fall & Spring, the last 3 years, GREEEEAT!! Last year we had over 900 participants. It just gets bigger and better every time we do it!
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K-2nd Balanced Literacy Cadre Session

Monday, Sep. 21st, 4:15-5:45pm

2914 Cummings Street

Dallas, TX

Thanks to our Dallas ISD K-2 Curriculum & Instruction Department for this great partnership!

This week, reading teachers learned how to administer the beginning of the year assessments through ISIP in order to tier their students and determine their reading lexile levels. Additionally, presenters shared a wealth of resources from Istation including teacher directed lessons, engaging videos to teach foundational reading skills and a variety of reports that can identify the critical reading needs of each student.

This is valuable PD to assist us close the gap with our students.

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ACE Carnegie Learning Mathematics Academy

Saturday, Sep. 26th, 8:30am

408 N Haskell Ave

Dallas, TX

3rd-5th Grade Pease Math Teachers, Ms. Mickle, Ms. Price, and Ms. Gosby are highly encouraged to attend the Carnegie Math Training. Teachers, Instructional Coaches, and Demos will be compensated for their attendance. The academy dates are: 9.26.15, 10.17.15; and 11.14.15. Please see the flyer below for the registration process.
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EAGLE TEAM OF THE WEEK... Leadership Team!!!

Our Core Beliefs

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