The Desert

By: Mrs.Peek's Class

Desert Basics

welcome to our Smore. The desert can be a hot and in some cases can be very, very cold.


The desert is a harsh place not many can live their but some animals have adapted to this place like snakes, some birds, arachnids and much more. Bigger animals have adapted by finding shade by going under rocks and plants. Small animals have adapted by hiding under rocks and shrubs to avoid predators.


The word desert means many can't live there. That's why some are made out of ice like the antarctic desert. The climate is in a hot desert the climate is= heat 87-110 there is not a lot of rain there is less then 10 inches.


You might think that the desert is a place with dull plants like cacti, shrubs, and tumbleweeds but you're wrong! A desert can be a beautiful place after rain-storms. The plants have to adapt to very cruel conditions.They have to absorb water to survive. The plants are Firethorn Branches, Yucca Plants, Spinefex Plants, and many, many more.


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