Let's Learn About MackinVIA!

Scavenger Hunt

You will need:

  • A device with a QR Code reader app to scan the QR codes or just read the questions under each.

  • Somewhere to write down your answers.....either a Google Doc or piece of paper.

  • To have fun in MackinVIA and see what new things you can learn!

1. How many eBooks do you find in your MackinVIA?

2. How many databases do you find in your MackinVIA?

3. Look at all of the different Categories and pick two you want to read eBooks from. What are they?

4. What button do you click on to read the eBooks?

5. Where do you create an APA or MLA citation?

6. Where are the two places you could search for a specific author of an eBook?

7. What four things can be found in your Backpack?

8. Other than a computer, where else can you access MackinVIA?