Job Interviews

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How to dress: Men

  • solid color suit (navy or dark grey)
  • longsleeve shirt (white)
  • belt
  • tie
  • neat hairstyle

How to dress: Women

  • suit (navy, black, or dark grey)
  • suit skirt
  • coordinated blouse
  • conservative shoes
  • limited jewelry
  • professional hairstyle

Interview Do's and Don'ts


  • dress properly
  • know time and location of the interview
  • arrive about 10 minutes early
  • treat everyone you encounter with courtesy and respect
  • when greeted, have a firm handshake and eye contact
  • sit still in your seat
  • focus on positive strengths
  • be yourself
  • be thorough with responses
  • take the interviewer seriously


  • make excuses, take responsibility for your actions
  • make negative comments about previous employers
  • treat the interview casually
  • act desperate for employment
  • slouch
  • chew gum or smoke
  • allow your cell phone to sound during the interview
  • take anyone with you

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