Fredrick Banting

A Canadian Scientist: Inventor of Insulin

A Canadian Hero

Frederick Banting applied for the Canadian Armed Forces twice but was rejected because of poor eye sight. He applied a third time and was accepted to the Canadian Armed Forces Medical Corp, He was sent to France to the war. While he was attending a wounded solider his right arm was wounded from an exploding German shell. He still attended the injured warrior and he was awarded the Military Cross.

A sleepless night.

On October 31, 1920 Banting had a sleepless night and something clicked, Frederick had an idea to treat diabetics. Banting and Best worked real hard and tested a lot of diabetic dogs and then it worked, the extract they would soon call ¨Insulin¨ had worked on the dog. The extract had yet to be injected in a human but their chance came on January 23, 1922 were Banting and Best took their extract to the Toronto General Hospital were a 14 year old boy lay dying of diabetes, they injected the person and he made an amazing recovery and became the first human to be injected with insulin

Fun fact: Frederick and his assistant Charles Best invented insulin the greatest medical breakthrough in the centery.

Biggest accomplishment: Insulin the diabetes extract. For this Frederick got the Nobel Prize for Medicine breakthrough.

A breakthrough

In this picture Frederick and Best are standing with the first dog that was successfully treated for diabetes. After many fails one dog was successful of being treated for deadly diabetes.
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Born: November 14, 1891, Alliston

Died: February 21, 1941, Dominion of Newfoundland


Frederick graduated from the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine

Type of Science

Frederick Banting studied and learned Physiology or medicine

How his work changed the world

Charles Best and Frederick Banting science changed the word because we can now treat people with diabetes

Early Life

Frederick Banting was born into a family of rive and being the youngest. When he was enrolled in school he joined all the extra curricular activities, he then soon went to the University Of Toronto
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