Tomatoes Galore

Pizza, Pasta, Soup, and More!

Our Restaurant Has The Greatest Buffet In Town!

Welcome to Tomatoes Galore! Our restaurant has many different buffet foods including many different varieties of pizza. From pepperoni, to bacon, or even shrimp pizza! We also have pasta, that can be coated with tomato sauce if you want. For the vegetarians we have tomato salads and vegetable soup. There even is a specialty sports room with a anti-sound room, sofas, and a giant TV!

Some of Our Most Popular Products!

Tomatoes Galore Shop Hours

Monday - Friday: 11 AM to 7 PM

Saturday - Sunday 11 AM to 9 PM

Holidays - Closed

Contacting Tomatoes Galore

Want to know if you can get delivery or a reservation? If you have anything special that will make your experience better, contact us or call our restaurant phone.
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