Greater Kudu

one of the most majestic animals in the african woodlands,

What is a greater kudu?

A Greater kudu is a large spiraled antelope species that inhabits most of the woodlands in south east Africa. a greater kudu can be determined by the light brown color of the fur and the subtle white stripes and spots vertical on the body. to give you an idea of exactly how large a typical greater kudu is, they usually weigh 420-600 pounds. Greater kudus commonly measure about 55 inches up to the shoulder. Greater kudu bulls are often hunted for their unique spiraled horns that grow above 70 inches long. The greater kudu's diet consist of mostly grasses and other plants in the African woodlands.

Threats Greater Kudu's Face

Although greater kudu's are not endangered, they are near being endangered. this is because humans often hunt them for their hides, meat, and most of all, the long horns. not only are they being excesively hunted, their habitats are being destroyed. the trees in the african woodlands are being used for lumber, and charcoal. Obviously humans arent greater kudu's only preditors, they are also hinted by leapords and hyenas.

How You Can Help

Wildlife reserves have already been set up in Africa to preserve many animals, as well as their habitat. The African Wildlife Foundation has set up a reserve in Kenya consisting of 5,000 acres. these reserves have lodges that tourists can stay at, as well as safaries to explore the reserve. if you are willing to save the Greater kudu you can always donate money to the African Wildlife Foundation online.