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October Edition

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October 28: GASC Leadership Summit

February 21-23: GASC Convention



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District One Representative Report: Adam & Jenna

The District 1 Conference was a fantastic experience for all that attended. The almost 500 members in attendance learned how to use the elements to harness their leadership skills. The workshops were fantastic: Our keynote speaker, DeMarco Fomby, taught us to use our passion to lead, Representative Sam Park walked us through his powerful journey in becoming a Georgia legislator, the Discovery High School students shared their diverse stories so we can understand the elements, and the GASC executive board taught us a variety of skills to bring back to our councils. Thank you to everyone that made this event happen.


District Two Representative Report: Qytarah & Anaiah

The District Two Conference was held at the South Bibb Recreation Center in Macon. We have a fun filled day leader leadership skills as we made connections and created new friendships. One of our sessions was lead by Austin Chaney from 13 WMAZ. Thomson Middle School of Centerville hosted the event for over 100 student leaders in the Middle Georgia area.


District Three Representative Report: Presley & Tracy

District 3 Conference 2019, hosted by Wayne County High School on Wednesday September 25, brought together schools from around southern Georgia to explore the elements of leadership. Over 200 people came to experience leadership enhancing workshops, hear from special keynote speaker De’Marco Fomby, and meet students from other schools. The workshops included topics such as types of deadweight, leadership styles, and flaws in communication. Students also had the chance to participate in Bert’s Big Adventure state service project, as well as bond with students from other schools during Human Scrabble! As schools were preparing for their journey home, newly acquired friends asked each other, “Are you going to Summit?”


The 2019 GASC Leadership Summit will be held at the Capitol in Atlanta, GA. Spots are limited so be sure to register quick! For a recap of last year's summit, click the button below.
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Trunk or Treat is a great service opportunity that gets the whole community involved!

Organize a Trunk or Treat at your school with the following steps.

1. Gauge club interest. Individual clubs are responsible for creating a trunk with a theme and supplying their own candy.

2. Advertise, advertise, advertise! Send flyers to your local middle & elementary schools and post them around the community. Trunk or Treat is a community event, so make sure your COMMUNITY knows about it!

3. On the day of the event, tell everyone to get there and set up about an hour before the event starts. Clubs should wear costumes & decorate their trunk for a theme.

4. Have fun!

Have a service project at your school that you loved? We want to know! Submit your idea by clicking on the link below to be featured in the next edition of the Gazette.


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Position: Vice President

School: Dacula High School

Grade 2019-2020: 11th

Favorite Quote: "You only live once!"

Justin is from New York and his favorite student council memory is planning his school's powderpuff game. His role model is his dad. "He has taught me everything he has been through in life," Justin says.


Position: Vice President

School: Dacula High School

Grade 2019-2020: 12th

Favorite Quote: “The secret to success is to do the common things uncommonly well.”

"My favorite student council memory is this past 2019 Convention, when Dacula brought the most delegates is has ever brought and everybody had a great time learning about leadership and bonding," Sydney says. Sydney has a dog named Emma and her favorite fruit is kumquats!

Sydney's role model is her grandmother, because "she’s had so many different life experiences and is a wealth of knowledge."


Position: Vice President

School: Dacula High School

Grade 2019-2020: 11th

Favorite Quote: "Don’t find fault, find a remedy." - Henry Ford

Alex's role models are his teachers. "They teach me academically as well as how to live my life." His favorite student council memory is GASC 2019. Alex swims and plays lacrosse at Dacula.



Our parliamentarians held a workshop at District Conference regarding information about running for GASC Office. If you are interested in running and want more information, contact our GASC Parliamentarians Tene Jones and Jovani Cordova via email at Feel free to ask them ANY questions, they are here to help!
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President School:

1. Attend all Executive Board meetings & GASC events, including their own district rally.

2. Select the annual Convention theme.

3. Select, train, and organize school guides for Convention.

4. Select two students to fulfill the following duties of President.

a. Serve as chair of the Executive Board and establish the agenda in conjunction with the executive director for all meetings and Convention.

b. Give the opening address at all GASC events.

c. Develop and arrange for the printing and distribution of the printed Convention program and podium book.

d. Propose state service project and promote it at all GASC events.

e. Represent or find a school to represent GASC at regional (SASC) & national (NASC) meetings at the expense of the association. (One delegate registration paid per event.)

f. Preside at the Leadership Summit. g. Serve as a liaison for GASSP & other affiliations

5. Pick two Convention Chairs

Vice President School:

1. Attend all Executive Board meetings & GASC events, including a district rally.

2. Promote the annual membership drive.

3. Secure the proclamation by the Governor of “Georgia Student Council Week.”

4. Plan and execute the Leadership Summit including dates, facilities, speakers, workshops and promotional materials.

5. Manage check-in and registration (paperwork, workshop assignments, name tags) at the Leadership Summit.

6. Provide promotional materials for membership drive, district representatives, and the Leadership Summit to Journal School.

7. Work with Parliamentarian to organize the election of district representatives.

8. Host (a) meeting(s) for district representatives and oversee district representatives by providing outlines and expectations for district rallies.

9. Organize district meetings at Convention.

Secretary School:

1. Attend all Executive Board meetings & GASC events, including their own district rally.

2. Record and distribute minutes of the Executive Board meetings.

3. Coordinate decorations and refreshments for the Advisor Hospitality Room at annual Convention.

4. Record minutes at state Convention and all Advisor Business Meetings.

5. Develop and distribute Emergency Action Plan (EAP) for all GASC events.

6. Publish and distribute monthly newsletters (with upcoming GASC events and council ideas) to member schools.

Communications School:

1. Attend all Executive Board meetings & GASC events, including their own district rally.

2. Maintain and update the GASC website and social media outlets.

3. Provide an evaluation for all GASC events, compile the results, and submit to the Executive Board to be used in planning future events and all schools in attendance.

4. Serve as official GASC photographer at all GASC meetings and events at which they are in attendance. When not in attendance, collect pictures from attendees.

5. Produce videos for arrivals, NASC/SASC attendance, Summit, District Rallies, and Convention.

6. Publish the Convention report on the website.

7. Publish an article recapping major GASC events on the website.

Parliamentarian School:

1. Attend all Executive Board meetings & GASC events, including their own district rally.

2. Keep a current version of the GASC Constitution and serve as protector of the constitution. 3. Speak on behalf of the Executive Board in questions concerning parliamentary procedure. 4. Notify all member schools about qualifications and procedures related to running for a state office per the election policy document.

5. Act as sergeant-at-arms during elections and select tally clerks per the guidelines in the constitution.

6. Host a president’s meal at annual Convention if facilities are available.

7. Work with Vice President to organize the election of district representatives.

Middle School Member-At-Large:

1. Attend all Executive Board meetings & GASC events, including their own district rally.

2. Assist president with recruitment for middle school membership and middle school participation at all GASC events.

3. Represent middle school interests on the Executive Board.

4. Compile resources for middle school members.

5. Work with Middle School Advisor Liaison provide support and resources for middle schools at District Rallies.

6. Coordinate middle school workshops and roundtables for Convention & Summit.

7. Coordinate a middle school event for Saturday night of Convention.


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Dr. Maria Thurmond is a teacher, tutor, and the Student Council sponsor at Discovery High School. For the past five years, she has led her students through MSDstrong projects, homecomings, pep rallies, football games, Relay for Life, UNICEF, and implementing a community garden. She is punctual and time oriented, which has led to the success of the District One Conference this past month. Student and District One Representative Jenna Nguyen says she is "extremely committed and determined and has a big and pure heart. She inspires me to want to grow everyday and improve on what I can. Her leadership helped me overcome the dark stages of my past and has made me blossom into the person I am today." When asked about Dr. Thurmond, Victoria Chan, another student at Discovery, says "she is amazing at delegating tasks to the students and allowing them to grow their leadership. Her ideas are always focused on giving back to the school and the community. She knows when to speak up for us (Student Council), which has made it the biggest club at our school."

We thank Dr.Thurmond for all that she does!

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