Lyndon B. Johnson

LBJ, 36th president


Barry Goldwater was his opposition

-sixth-most one sided presidential election in the history of the United States

-Less than a year before, he was in office under Kennedy during his Assassination

-Was immediately associated with Kennedy's Popularity

-Institution of War on Poverty, Medicare, and Medicaid put himself far ahead of his opponent

LBJ won 44 states

Key Events and Facts

-Known for "Johnson treatment" of dominating politics with coercion to achieve legislation

-One of only four presidents to serve in all 4 elected offices of the US.

-Was vice president during the Kennedy administration, and elected president even after his assassination.

In charge of the "Great Society" legislation included laws that

-upheld civil rights

-public broadcasting


- Medicaid

-environmental protection

-aid to education

-aid to the arts

-urban and rural development

-and his own "War on Poverty."

Under his administration, he banned racial discrimination in public facilities.

Voting rights given to all adult citizens, including black Americans

Immigration and Nationality act- banned national Quotas and immigration reform.

Escalated Vietnam War involvement-

16,000 advisers/soldiers in 1963 to 550,000 combat troops in early 1968

herbicide Agent Orange sprayed on Vietnam.

Passed Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, giving excuse to use any military force necessary in South Asia without declarations of war.

faced major anti-war movements from US universities and abroad when victory seemed impossible.

Riots Broke out in most major cities post-1965, Demand for Law-and-Order policies.

Support declined as violence at home and the warfronts grew.

His presidency marked the peak and end of the New Deal Era