^ 6 things to know about driving

How to become a good driver

Know the rule of driving on the road

To be a good driver you need to know how safe the road is. You should have a driver app that tells you what is on the road so that you can prepare for it rather then have an accident. You need to focus on the road because if you do not you can hurt someone else of yourself.

Take a driving course

Many people think they're better driver ,but what is the reason? Some people use drugs and alcohol while driving but still think they're the best driver. Getting into a car means that you get into a machine so anything can happen. Example in Colorado snow you have to be a good driver before driving in the snow because it's slippery and hard to see the road. That is why being a driver means to know every thing about it first before hitting the road.

Multi tasking

80% of car crashes are due to a multi-tasking. People get very distracted while driving on high speed and have the phone in the one hand trying to text someone and at the same time listening to music and trying to change the channel. All these things are happening at the same time you're driving. How you can concentrate on the road? These things mess up a lot of driver and is also causes many crashes.

Top necessary feature car

You need to know the size of the car so it is not too big or too small, and you need to get a car that can get you places but not too fast to create trouble. By a cop or take you to an accident because many people today is looking for a fast and not about how safe they need to be as a driver these day people got pulled over just for the speed which is crazy not cool.

Law of driving

The biggest law of driving known by every law is can't use cell phone while drive and carries your driving license with you every time you are in the car keep your car paper such as car insurance and obey the law officer if he or she tell you something just do it until they finished that you can ask the cause of your pulling over. some people think nobody is around why not just beat the traffic light which is a bad idea there are camera around that see you even during night.

Use your headlight

Turn on your headlights, I know sound silly to use during day but is very important for driving .turn on your light increase your visibility and help other driver see you is also a way to invite accident on the road no matter during day or night.