The Sleep Over

By Maddison Dron

Last night I was tucked up in bed sleeping, when I was woken by the sound of an owl with yellow eyes. Jake, Emma and Harry were snoring as loud as a giants foot step.

As usawal I woke up at 6am so did the other and we watched ABC3. Half an hour later a show was on and had monkeys. They came out of the t.v. They swapped so the monkeys were now watching Jake, Emma, Harry and I.Emma, Jake, Harry and I were never seen again so the monkeys took over the house. " HELP PLEASE" Help. "NO" replied the monkeys.

But 2 months later they found a deep dark tunel.So they walked throw the tunel and their they were standing back in there living room. My mum was cooking dinner and was crying at the same time. Then she said "time for dinner kids" Then they swapped again to the oringnail places. Then when she saw them in the lunge and said "hey where have you been."

So they had the rest of there lifes to be together and never heard about the monkey ever again.