Haymarket Happenings

March 2020

Thank you PTO!

I wanted to take this opportunity to give a special shout out to our PTO. They have always been amazing, but this year with a tough budget year they revamped their focus to make a connection with our Continuous Improvement Plan. They have gifted money to support the purchase of additional science materials across all grade levels, donated money to help with our Cub Club Remediation program, contributed to grade level assemblies and much more! Their continuous focus on being supportive of the learning here at Haymarket ES has been commendable and we are all thankful for their neverending support. Thank you PTO!!!!

Upcoming Dates to Remember

March 2nd-6th - Read Across America Week

March 2nd-6th - National School Breakfast Week

March 3rd - No School

March 5th - Family Heritage Night (6:00pm)

March 8th - Daylight Saving Time – Change batteries in your smoke alarms

March 9th - Kids' Heart Challenge Assembly

March 10th - Advisory Council (6:30pm)

March 13th - SCA Sponsored Crazy Sock Day

March 16th-20th - Spring Book Fair Week

March 18th - Family Book Fair Night and SOL Info Night (6:00pm)

March 20th - PTO sponsored Bingo Night (7:00pm)

March 24th - PTO meeting (6:30pm)

March 26th - Paint Night (6:30pm)

March 27th - SCA Sponsored Team Sports/Jersey Day

March 31st - Spring Chorus Concert (7:00pm)

Parent Survey

While a PWCS Parent Survey was sent out in January, we here at Haymarket ES are in need of some more data to support our journey of continuous improvement. The questions in the survey coming out this month will focus on HMES specific items that will guide our practices to ensure we are supporting you as partners in your child's education. Please be on the look out in the coming weeks!
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The Spring Book Fair will be March 16th-20th. We need your help! Please use the following link to sign up to help with set up, student preview, open shopping, and/or pack up.

Thank you in advance for your support!


Family Heritage Night coming soon!

On Thursday, March 5, 2020, Haymarket ES will celebrate its Family Heritage Festival from 6:00pm to 7:30pm. We invite all students and their families to join us by sharing their own family's cultural heritage. We hope your family can join us to celebrate and learn about the wonderful diversity our school community has to offer. We look forward to celebrating with you and your family on Thursday, March 5th. If you are interested in volunteering to share something from your family's cultural heritage or traditions, please complete the online signup:https://www.signupgenius.com/go/8050E4FADAD2BA64-haymarket

Stuffed Animal Drive

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Lyla in 2nd grade came up with this idea to support our area organizations in ensuring students who are experiencing trauma, whether in one incident or over time, are comforted by a stuffed animal. She has created the above poster, gone on broadcast announcing her plans, and attended our PTO meeting this week to share her idea.

Please consider donating new stuffed animals to this great cause from now up to Spring Break. We will have boxes to put them in located in the office area.

Anxiety is a real thing in our students...

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Counselor Corner

This month we’ll focus on mindfulness and a highlight a few ways to guide your children in calming their bodies and brains (from Psychology Today, “12 Simple Ways to Teach Mindfulness to Kids”).

  1. Notice and name body sensations, thoughts, and feelings. “My chest feels warm and I feel so happy when we are playing outside together like this.” “It sounds like you might be nervous about this new situation. What do you notice in your body right now?” The more insight our kids have into their inner experiences, the more they are able to choose appropriate responses.
  2. Practice belly breathing. Place one hand on the chest and one on the belly. As you inhale, fill up the belly like a balloon and as you exhale, allow the balloon to deflate. This often feels counterintuitive at first, as most of us breathe shallowly into the chest most of the time. Belly breathing automatically turns on the relaxation response in the body.
  3. Share a 3-breath hug. Hugging your child, take three deliberate, synchronized, deep breaths together. Drop your shoulders, relaxing any muscles that feel tight. Let go and feel the tension melt away. Use it as you say goodbye in the morning, when you recognize when someone could use a calming hug, or just for the love of it.
  4. Take a mindful nature walk. Move at your child’s speed, which may vary from sprinting like a cheetah to a snail’s pace. Bring your sense of curiosity and adventure and allow your child to lead the way.
  5. Help your child relax at bedtime with some calming music, such as https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFZKK7K52uQ

Kindergarten Registration

Kindergarten registration for the 2020-21 school year is scheduled for Thursday, April 2nd from 10am-3pm and Thursday, April 16th from 4:30pm-7:30pm. Parents of children who may need English language services will be asked to call the Global Welcome Center at 703.491.8432, to make an appointment for an English language evaluation. As of April 30, English language learners will be registered and evaluated at Global Welcome Center.

The following documents are needed in order to register:

· Student Birth Certificate

· Deed/Settlement Agreement / Lease Agreement /Affidavit of Residency

· Two other forms of proof of address (for example: utility bill, car registration, bank statement)

· Guardianship/Custody documents, if student lives with guardian

· Physical exam

· Immunization records (including TB test)

A student must be five (5) years old by September 30, 2020 to enter Kindergarten. If your child was born on or before September 30, 2015, he/she qualifies for KG Registration. Children who do not meet the age requirement for kindergarten will not be enrolled in kindergarten or assessed for placement in Kindergarten in PWCS.

A parent or guardian needs to be physically present when registering, and he/she must have an ID. PLEASE BRING YOUR FUTURE KINDERGARTNER WITH YOU!

We look forward to meeting our new Kindergarten class of 2021!

National Poetry Contest

See the two flyers below...if you are interested, please speak with your child's teacher about getting a hard copy of the flyer. Teachers have poetry units they do during the year, but submissions must be done by parents.
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Coronavirus (COVID-19) update:

A message from PWCS...

Dear PWCS families and staff,

We recognize that recent national news regarding the COVID-19 (coronavirus) may be confusing and worrying. Please know that Prince William County Public Schools (PWCS) has been closely monitoring this situation for the past few weeks and stands ready to implement any specific guidance received by local or national health officials. At this time, PWCS has not received any new guidance beyond what we have shared in previous communications.

While we do not have any information regarding a specific risk to Prince William County, out of an abundance of caution, PWCS recommends families and staff begin planning for a potential disruption to school operations. This preparation is recommended to be similar to a “Code Red” weather event that may emerge without the ability for much prior notification, and without knowing the timing or duration in advance. It is also possible that no such disruption occurs. Just as in a weather-closing, families should consider child-care plans in the event both schools and school age child-care are impacted.

As we remain in the height of flu-season, PWCS continues to encourage students and staff to practice healthy behaviors (for example, staying home when students or staff are sick, covering coughs and sneezes, and washing hands often). PWCS works with schools to ensure proper supplies are on hand for school cleaning and that school custodians are cleaning frequently touched surfaces. If you or your student is sick, please contact your health care provider.

At this time, the School Division does not have any overseas trips planned to countries impacted by the virus outbreak. However, we continue to closely monitor this evolving situation and the possibility for cancellation of planned travel exists.

It is important to note this virus does not discriminate based on nationality or ethnicity. We are proud of our diverse School Division and community, and we are certain that everyone will continue to support one another during this period of uncertainty. As always, we expect our students and staff to provide a welcoming environment for every student, family, and staff member.

PWCS has a collaborative working team that is updating detailed plans for operational and instructional support should this virus impact PWCS. We will continue to communicate updates on a regular basis as needed.

Please visit the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for additional information.

Thank you for your ongoing support of PWCS.