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Weekly Tips and Tricks!


This a great app that reminds you to keep "moving". It would be a great alternate to GoNoodle. You get reminded to do an exercise activity (jumping jacks, yoga, stretches) based on the schedule you have chosen. You determine when you do your workouts, how often you do them, and which exercises you want to do! Remember they can only sit still for a short amount of time. So get "MOVE" ing.


A teacher at Cox created these great Aurasmas to show students changes in matter with her 1st grade science students. You can check them out using the hashtags: #freezing1; #freezing2;#freezing3;#melting1;#melting2;#melting3 or searching pvanhorne.

This iPad List of Tips Will Rock Your Back-to-School Plans

Check out this article from the EdTechTeam. It has some great tips to using the iPads in your classroom!