KSD Wellness eSpotlight

Saturday, November 28

Wellness Week: November 30-December 4

The Kirkwood School District Wellness Committee is excited to announce Wellness Week (WW) from November 30-December 4. Each day is focused on an important initiative to open up conversations and activities to help us grow and connect with our best selves. From wellness-related events for school and home and encouraging actions to online webinars and events, each theme is designed to help us to learn new ways to start incorporating the practice of wellness into our daily lives. For a full list of opportunities, visit: kirkwoodschools.org/WellnessWeek.

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Mindful Monday

Take the Wellness Pledge to support your health and the wellbeing of others in the community. Explore the series of mindfulness activities and find your favorite to practice being mindful in the moment.

Talk About it Tuesday

KSD will host a virtual viewing from 6:30-8 p.m. of “Angst”, a documentary designed to raise awareness around anxiety. To register, visit kirkwoodschools.org/Angst. Additional resources can be found on the kirkwoodschools.org/WellnessWeek website for Tuesday.

Eat Well Wednesday

Learn about ways nutrition impacts your overall wellness. Opportunities include a virtual cooking class benefiting KSD NOW. To sign up, visit kirkwoodschools.org/KSDCooks.

Fitness Friday

Move to Improve is an initiative to promote wellness in KSD. Opportunities include a virtual yoga and meditation class.