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Who Am I?

I am 15yrs old and was born on August 4th, 2000. I am a very talkative person who likes to be in groups and experience new things. Some of my hobbies are going outside with my friends, playing video games, and playing sports.

My Lifeline

Favorite things

1. I really like pizza it is one of my favorite foods because its delicious

2. My favorite color is blue because it is a cool and calm color

3. My favorite number is 4 because that was the day i was born on


I have attended 3 schools through out the years. I was in Sunny view middle school for first year kindergarten. Then i went to Stanley mills public school from second year kindergarten until grade 5. Then i went to Sunny view middle school again for grade 6 until grade 8. Now i go to Louise Arbour secondary school

My Friends

5 ways to keep a friend

1. Don't disrespect your friends

2. Don't lie to them

3. Be loyal

4. Be there for them

5. Support them

People in my life

my mom and dad are the most important people because they told me to never give up and always keep going. Also they helped me when i struggled to do something.

My future

I dont quite know what i want to be yet in life but if i had to chose one job it would be in the engineering courses i really like working with machines and taking things apart and putting them back together.

Family Symbols