My Comfort Object

By: April Wood Period 5

The Way I Got My Teddy Bear

My comfort object was once my great grandma’s. It was a brown teddy bear. My mom gave it to my great grandma Donna when she was in the hospital with cancer, before she died. Apparently I found it when I was little and wanted to keep it. Ever since I was in fourth grade, I got it back. Ever since then, I called my teddy bear, Teddy.

Reasons I Got My Comfort Object Taken Away

I got it taken away because when I was in third grade in the summer, I got sick and didn’t get to the bathroom in time and threw up on it and all over myself. It was hard to fall asleep without it when hard to feel better without it almost every week when I was sick from my allergies.

I Think Teddy Has Magic...

I think it has magical powers to make someone feel better, because when I was sick for four days in fourth grade with strep throat, I had a stomach ache too, and when I put it to my stomach, a few seconds later my stomach ache was gone. I would do the same thing when there was a thunder storm because I was terrified of thunder storms. I have to sleep with it or else I get nightmares or it takes me two hours to fall asleep.

Can I Keep Teddy Forever!?

I want to keep it forever and give it to one of my children for them to keep and give to their children and have that go on forever.