Written by: Gordon Korman

Ungifted Sneak Peek

“ Ungifted” by Gordon Korman is a book that will have you on the edge of your seat. The main character, Donavan Curtis is a major trouble maker. He is one of those students who is extremely smart but likes to have fun… maybe a little too much fun. “Ungifted” is one of those books that you can read multiple times and never get tired of it. Matter of fact, I have read this book twice!

Important Event in "Ungifted"

In the beginning of the story, Donavan does something he shouldn’t have done. But, don’t worry I will not spoil it for you. You will just have to read the book to figure out. This certain prank that Donavan does to his entire school is quite destructive.

Another Important Event in "Ungifted"

After Donavan pranks his school, he expects that he will get into trouble. But, that is not the case. Due to an error made by one of the administrators, his parents receive a letter which ends up sending him to ASD, Academy of Scholastic Distinction. ASD is a school for gifted children. Donavon does not seem to fit in at the Academy. Donavan's creativity ends up sparking the minds of many other gifted students which tends to end Donavon somewhere he never thought he would.

Donavan's Brilliant Idea

Donavan’s sister is pregnant. As an alternative to the Health Education summer course, Donavon comes up with the idea of a school project requiring them to monitor his sisters last six weeks of her pregnancy.

My Thoughts

I personally enjoy this book as it is extremely relatable to many of us. Donavan comes from being this student who cannot find a way to express himself. But, after becoming motivated at the Academy, he is able to show his creativity. He realizes that his knowledge is able to impact other students, win the robotic competition, and find an alternative solution that interests everyone into the dreaded health education summer course.

“Ungifted” is an unforgettable book. It brings you into a teens life and unfolds a story unlike any other. It enables you to experience a story relatable to your own life.