Corn Starch

By: Max Ghasemi

Corn Starch Uses

  • Cooking Ingredient, usually used as thickening agent
  • Used as a natural anti-stick agent
  • Used to supply glucose to people who have GSD (Glycogen Storage Disease)


Chemical Name: Cornstarch,Maizena

Chemical Formula: C27H48O20


  • White, fine, odorless powder
  • It's insoluble
  • Decomposes when boiled

Fun Facts

  • Corn starch can help untangle knots if you sprinkle it on the Knot.
  • You can lift scorch marks on your shirts by letting the starch dry on the mark.
  • If you combine Corn starch and Cold water and put it on a blood stain on your shirt, the blood stain should come right off.