Stress and Mental Illness

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Definition of Stress/Difference Between Good and Bad Stress

Stress is a feeling that you create and its the way you rect to something. The difference between the 2 is good stress protects you from tough situations and bad stress is the stress that makes you do things.

Unhealthy Consequences Of Ways People Try to Relieve Stress

A way people try to relieve stress is by getting angry and then hitting or punching objects and that is bad. If you are stressed and you eat a lot of unhealthy food then you can have a eating disorder

Healthy Stress Relivers /Healthy Ways to Relive Stress

Ways to relieve stress is too take a brake and do something you like to do. Being active is another things that can prevent stress. Also get enough sleep it is goo to get enough sleep so you are not always emotional.

Ways To Relive Stress