what rocks about i rock

class goes crazy with iPads

what rocks about i rock

Mrs.rollings rockin learners are part of the CBL so they have pads in there class and they are really good with using them.They helped other classmates in there school vote for the election and have started a new project to help other schools start to recycle.They have face timed a class, called recycling centers, planned things to do in the future and have made teams for this project and this is only there first step!These kids are very hopeful and have lots of empathy for others and there ideas.I truly believe they can do no matter what.The school has had a club called environmental club and they empty all the recycling bins and help with recycling.

class goes crazy with i pads

Look at what these kids can do as a team.

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What can we do to help other classes? Were can we start with this? Why is it important to help the earth?

We are a team that can work

we hope you enjoyed this news article that i put together about how Mrs.Rolings class can make changes in the world how they could make a difference in life for thousands.