Kirstie's study guide

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What poetic terms do you understand and give a definition of each term.

I understand all of the terms and here are the definition of them. Personification means having qualities like a person.Simile is a comparison using like or as.Metaphor is a comparison without using like or as.Hyperbole is exaggerating with truth for dramatic effect.Theme main idea and authors message.

What do you know about literary nonfiction? How is it different from nonfiction, and what are the the types of literary nonfiction?

I know everything about literary nonfiction. Literary nonfiction is biography which means a story is written by a person about a different person, autobiography is a story written about the author, memoir is a chunk of someones life, personal narrative is bit of somebody's memory. Literary non fiction is the four I mentioned above and non fiction is news papers or textbooks.

What are plot elements and why are they important?

Plot elements in fiction are:  rising action, conflict, climax, falling action, resolution, theme, and cause.  They are important because they make up the story.

What is the piont of view in fiction?How does it affect the story?

The piont of view is third person limited, third person omnisciente, and first person. It affects the story because it is the person telling the story.

What do you know about the tools of reading? What does inference mean, and how do you infer things,and why is it important? What are three types of of conections you can make, and why is it important to mak conections whith a text? How is mian idea different from a summary? What is theme in fiction,and how is it different from main idea?

I know all of the following tools of reading. An inference is a educaded guess, and to infer you just have to think about what is happening in the story and guess what happens next or later in the story. It is important to inferense because it can help you understand the story better. The conections you can make whith a text is text to text, text to self, and text to world. It is imortant to make conection because you can understand what is happening in the story better. Main idea is the main pionts of the story , and a summary is ashorter version of the story. Thme is why the author wrote the story and main idea is the mian pionts of the story.

What have you learned about grammar this year? Describe how each piece is used and give me your own example by makeing a complete sentence.

These are somethings I have learned in grammar. comparitive adjectives are when you add er at the end. Ex:My dress is prettier than yours. superlative adjectives are when you add est to the end. Ex: Math is the easiest subject in the world. Irrgular verbs don't have ed at the end. Ex : I drank all the water from that glass.A simple sentense is just one sentense. Ex: We bought tickets to a consert in Washington. Compound sentenses are two sentenses with a conjunktion between the the two. Ex: Dasies are pretty , and so are sunflowers. Prepositional phrases is when a sentense has a prepostion and a noun. Ex: I ran to Mary's house. Subject-verb agreement is when a verb and subject agree in number and both of them have to be singular or plural. Ex: PLURAL Your children sing.

How is a story told in drama form different from other fiction, and how do the characters, setting, and plot different between genres?

Drama is a film or play. Drama is something you can have speaking parts in,and fiction is just a story.