Vocabulary Presentation 5

After a blissful 30 minutes of recess, the resistant children were ushered back into their classrooms, all ______ of the day gone.

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n. lightness in speech or behavior, especially unbecoming jocularity; frivolity


giddiness, mirth, hilarity, absurdity, amusement


gravity, gloom, depression


levis L. light

Note: the antonym of the root is gravis meaning heavy- this is where we get the antonym gravity


Sometimes levity is also defined as "lightness in weight" however, scientifically this definition is reserved for buoyancy when in water, or density when weighed

In general, it is advised to reserve levity for referring to manner or behavior


Levity is closely related to its synonym frivolity, which carries a negative connotation as being unbecoming, inappropriate, or absurd
However, it can also be a positive descriptor when used similarly to amusement, hilarity, lightheartedness

Which of the following sentences uses levity incorrectly?

a. Marianne's levity in formal discourse was unbecoming to her character.
b. The sudden shift to seriousness caused all former levity to disappear.
c. James was known for his strict and righteous mannerisms, exuding constitution and levity in every conversation.
d. Jane's mother frowned upon her constant, childlike levity, especially in inappropriate settings.