World Religions

Spring 2014 Online

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Welcome to Class!

My name is Mikel Del Rosario. I earned my Master of Arts in Christian Apologetics at Biola University in 2003 and I've been helping Christians defend the faith ever since. My wife and I have also served as missionaries in the Philippines with the Baptist General Conference.

I began my relationship with WJU by teaching World Religions on campus in Rocklin, CA. Today, I'm pursuing a Master of Theology (Th.M.) at Dallas Theological Seminary in Texas. I'm pleased to continue teaching World Religions through Jessup Online. Welcome to our class!

Course Summary

This is an accelerated, 7-week course which will help you better engage in spiritual conversations with non-Christians by exploring key distinctives of world religions. You'll also be equipped to share the uniqueness of Christianity in a pluralistic society and recognize strategic opportunities for apologetic and evangelistic engagement in a multicultural, 21st century context. I'm excited to meet each one of you as we begin our exploration of World Religions together.

The Road Ahead

Please download the course syllabus, paying special attention to the Jihad in Contemporary Culture paper and the Visitation Project and their due dates. To do well on your quizzes in this course, review the Study Guides for All Quizzes document as well.

Finally, please review the late assignment policy in this class and plan your schedule over the next 7 weeks. Note that there are major assignments due by the end of Week 4, Week 5 and Week 6. Get a head start on your reading!

Meet and Greet

Also, take a moment to upload a headshot photo to your Moodle profile and introduce yourself in our first discussion forum.

The WJU Library

I want to draw special attention to the forum labeled "Ask the Librarian." This link not only contains the Library Guide with all kinds of resources for doing research in Intercultural Studies, but it also is a place where you can ask any questions you want about how to do research or how to locate reliable sources for writing your papers. Andrew Tweet, one of our WJU librarians, is linked to this forum and will answer any and all of your questions - so be sure to utilize this resource.

Technical Stuff

Please consider using Google Chrome or Safari, as some have reported some technical difficulties when taking quizzes using Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.

That's all for now. I'm looking forward to our time together!