Christmas Carol Flyer

Stave 1

In stave one you meet, Ebenezer Scrooge, Fred, Bob Cratchit, and Bob Marley's Ghost.

Ebenezer Scrooge is a very mean, down person, who is in no mood to help someone.

Bob Cratchit is a quiet man who does what Scrooge says, and he is payed and treated terribly.

Bob Marley's Ghost is much like Scrooge but since dying has found out that if he doesn't change he will end up in a life like his.

Stave 3

The second ghost was very Jolly. He is described to have a large green robe with a long beard. He carries a torch and with it he spreads christmas cheer. The ghost of christmas present takes scrooge to multiple places. One is his nephews house. One is the Crachit house. He also takes him to a couple other places with workers and sailors. And finally in the middle of nowhere to show him want and ignorance The ghost take Scrooge to these places because he needs to show him what people think of him while he is still alive. The ghost needs to show him how much he effects peoples life, and how those people see him

Stave 2

The First Ghost of Christmas, the Ghost of Christmas Past, looked like a candle light, it was wearing a robe, and held in its hand a megaphone type things that you could use to put him out. His face changed multiple times rotating through people had seen in his memories. The Ghost of Christmas Past took Scrooge to five different places. The first of these places was his old boarding school, where scrooge sat alone reading while all the other kids went out to play. The next of these places was also at the boarding school but it was in the future where his little sister had come to take him home after pleading their father to allow them back. The third place was at Fezziwig's business where he was apprenticed and where he mets his fiancée. Forth is his fiancée and him sitting together arguing where she finally realizes that money is more important to Scrooge than she is, this is also where she leaves him. Finally the ghost take scrooge to see his former fiancée and her new husband happy. The Ghost of Christmas Past shows Scrooge these sad parts in his life to show what he might of done to others. He also shows him these things to tell Scrooge that there were times at christmas that he was happy and cheerful and that he can be like that again.
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Stave 4

In stave four the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come is described very close to that of a grim reaper. With not much detail other than the bony finger that he points in stead of talking. The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come takes Scrooge to a black-market dealer where his servants are selling his things, the Chrachit house where tiny tim has died, a house where a family that owns him money lives and finally to his own grave. The Ghost wants to show Scrooge that it doesn't matter what you have in this life that matters it is what you do with your life and how you treat others.
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