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The Puffin Life

Puffin's are called "Prince of the Sky and Sea". This is because they can fly above and below water. This is a skill that helps them catch fish, which they eat a lot of.

To live in the zoo, you would need to make sure they have a cage big enough to fly around it and a spot for water so they can swim. You will also need to make sure you have big rocks because that is where they like to rest and make homes.

The puffins return to the Farne Islands

What do Puffin's look like?

  • Black and white
  • They have white faces and cheeks
  • They have yellow and orange beaks
  • They are short and chubby
  • About 12 inches in length
  • Their wing span is about 20-24
  • Orange webbed feet
  • They are able to dive hundreds of feet into the water

Fun Facts

  • There wings can beat 400 times per minute!
  • They find mates for life. This means that once they find a mate they like, they stay with them until they die
  • They live to be around 20 years old
  • LOVE to create holes to live in
  • Can hold 60 fish at once in their mouths
  • Puffin's can be different sizes
  • They can actually swim under water. They flap their wings to get speed.
Kiri the cute Puffin! :)))

Why should you pick our animal?

We believe you should pick our nature beauty because it actually has some human like qualities- like mating for life. You can view our animal in doors and outdoors. You might even be able to go inside of the Puffin cage because they aren't dangerous! We believe that our animal would be the most entertaining!
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