B.B. King

By Abby Shefcheck and Megan Thomas

Early Life

  • grew up in the Mississippi countryside
  • mother left him
  • father was a sharecropper (rented land and paid the landlord with the crops they grow)
  • raised by grandmother
  • real name: Riley B. King
  • at 16, was making a living as a musician
  • moved to Tennessee to work on a radio show



  • Lonnie Johnson
  • Charlie Christian
  • Blind Lemon Jefferson
  • Buckle White
  • Django Reinhardt

Time Period

  • died at 89
  • died on May 14th, 2015
  • 1925-2015
  • career lasted 60 years
  • 1949 he started to become popular
  • his fame grew into the 60's
  • cold war began
  • Korean war began
  • televisions were only allowed in upper-classmen's homes
  • African Americans were being segregated
  • John F. Kennedy was killed
  • Vietnam war
  • segregation continued

Their Music

  • blues
  • was a songwriter, guitar player, and singer
  • was called the king of blues
  • had at least 2 #1 songs in 1949
  • some of his most famous songs include: "Three O'clock Blues" in 1951, "Everyday I Have the Blues" in 1955, "Sweet Little Angel" in 1956, "Rock Me Baby" in 1964 and "The Thrill Is Gone" in 1969


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Interesting Facts

  • named his guitar Lucille because 2 men were fighting over a woman and the woman's name was Lucille
  • ran into a burning building to save his $30 guitar
  • was the opening act for "The Rolling Stones"
  • about 200 concerts a year
  • won 15 Grammies
  • www.blueshalloffame.com/


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