Basic Transfer

By: Nathan Yamaguchi

About Basic Transfer

Basic transfer is a platform website where people can make micro donations by average, ordinary people who support the cause. These donations are sent to a woman in need and will support her to buy basic necessities and save for her future or business. This organization was created by a woman named, Tricia Martinez. The start date of Basic Transfer is unknown. In simplest terms, she created the organization she wants to "create a revolution in fighting poverty through technology."


I researched Sam Walton for my entrepreneur. They do not share too many similarities other than the fact that they are entrepreneurs. However, both Sam Walton and Tricia Martinez were both hardworking and determined with their businesses. Each of them took a risk by creating their businesses and weren't sure if they would pay off. They both were successful as well. As far as what makes them different entrepreneurs, Sam Walton's drive was more toward economics and making money; caring about people was a very large passion of his, but it was not the main reason he created Wal-mart, it was only a perk. On the other hand, Tricia Martinez, as an entrepreneur, her main reason for creating the platform is to help woman in poverty and set them up for a better future. She makes little to none profit while Sam Walton was the richest person in America for 7 years.