Theseus Defense Team

Catie Hornbacher


My character is Theseus. I am the rebuttal attorney for my group. I will be in charge of asking questions to the opposing teams witness. Some of my questions will be Where were you on the night of 400 B.C.?, Were you alone?,

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury. I am here to show you that Theseus is not a bad person. On his way to Athens, he killed bandits so that when future travelers traveled that road they wouldn't be killed. He went to fight the Minotaur in the Labyrinth, saving the children from being killed. He was willing to give up his royal power of being king so that the people could live under their own rule. He saved hercules from killing himself after he kills his family. He doesn't let his army go in and loot the city of Thebes. He saves Pirithous's wife from being kidnapped by drunk Centaurs.