MJHS Media Center Newsletter

January 2017

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Mobile Lab Training

Thank you to everyone that attended the Mobile Lab Training! The training is a requirement for everyone that would like to check out labs this semester. If you missed it, please contact me at jennifer.still@atlanta.k12.ga.us and we can schedule a make-up session for you.
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New GALILEO Password for Jan. 2017

The new GALIELO password for Atlanta Public Schools is:


o This password will be valid until 05/20/2017.

o Remember, passwords must be entered in all lowercase characters.

Also note, the new GALIELO password for the Atlanta Fulton Public Library is:


Free Textbook Resources

The state of Georgia is pleased to announce that the records from GALILEO Open Learning Materials are now included in the Georgia Knowledge Repository. GALILEO Open Learning Materials bring together open educational resources throughout the University System of Georgia, including open textbooks and other types of materials.
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Online Flashcards and Games

Check it out! Flippity is a tool that you can use on Google Spreadsheets to create flashcards, games, and quizzes. The flashcards you create can be either printed or shared online through a generated link. Games can be used as a quick review or as a reminder of the previous day's lesson http://www.flippity.net/