PMD Weekly

September 4th, 2015

Where Did the Time Go?

Wow, I cannot believe we are at the end of another week! The time really seems to fly by in our class.

We have been really busy this week working on Benchmarks, Realted Arts, learning about fish, collecting data and creating graphs, working on our numbers by counting and completing addition problems, and spending time with our Reading Buddies today looking at our new books.

Resource Officer Visits

Please don't panic if you see someone in a police uniform going into our room. Everyone is fine! As I have mentioned to a few of you, I requested that our Resource Officers stop by to get to know our students and for our students to get to know them. It is important that everyone is familiar with our Resource Officer and that they connect the uniform with safety and see the officers as another friendly face.

Books and More Books

Today was our day to go to the library again. Please make sure to check out the books your child chose. If your child does not have a book it is because his book was not returned from last week. If they are ready to change it, just send it next week and we can take your child to the library to trade it for a new one. They really enjoy going to the library and getting to share their books with their Reading Buddies.

Homeroom Parent

I would like to thank Susan Cole for agreeing to act as our Homeroom Parent. I really appreciate her willingness to take this on. Thanks Susan!!!

What's Happening Next Week?

I'm sure everyone will remember that we have no school on Monday. Have a great long weekend! In our Unique lesson we are going to be working on measurement and will be making a nut free trail mix that has been approved by our nurse so that each child can participate.

We will also be being Scientists with lab coats and everything. (Don't panic there will be no hazardous chemicals involved.) The students will be making clay. Obviously, we need to get into the role of Scientists and be authentic to be the best we can be! It's also good fun!