All levels yoga ~ Monday through Friday 7-8 am

Walk over to the lake ~ by the playground ~ for some gentle yet invigorating morning yoga!

No need to go to the gym, or do workout videos home alone. Just walk over to the lake and we will greet the morning sunshine with some stretching, breathing, and yoga postures. Nothing crazy. You can handle this.

Classes are donation based ~ pay as you are able

Donations of $5-10 requested if you find value in what we do together.

If you would like to pay for a week, it's $20 (one day free).

If you would like to pay for a month, it's $80 (four free days).

Frequently Asked Questions

No ~ You don't have to have any experience. All levels of experience, including no experience, are more than welcome.

Yes ~ I am a certified yoga teacher

Yes ~ You should bring a bottle of water with you

No ~ You don't HAVE to have a yoga mat. You can use a blanket or beach towel, or just yoga on the grass!

Check out the YoCo website, facebook page, meetup group, and twitter for additional classes and locations!

If you would like to do yoga at a different time, and/or on a different day, please feel free to send an email or text, or call, and I will do my best to accommodate requests. Also, if you have any particular needs or interests when it comes to yoga (i.e.. want to strengthen your core; want more meditation; want more backbends, etc) I would be happy to work with you on designing a yoga sequence to address your personal needs.