Where I Stand

Issues of the Ontario Provincial Government

Natural Resources


There are mining companies in Ontario have admitted to the use of fracking in their mining of resources. Canada has especially been targeted in the use of fracking. The method basically it the process of injecting chemicals into the ground to release the natural gases within it. The effects on the environment and the people living around the areas are disastrous because of the chemicals that have been put in the ground as well as the unstable ground that is left behind from the process. The holes can lead to ground that cannot be inhabited by wildlife or for agriculture. Mining companies should refrain to using more environmentally friendly techniques even at the cost of more time and money.


Even with continuous laws on clear-cutting in Ontario, 88% of forestry companies still continue to use clear-cutting as their main method of extraction. Clear-cutting's effect on the environment is tremendous. Many animals such as the Woodland Caribou have their habitats stripped of them due to clear-cutting. The method is also a major case of global warming, erosion, and loss of biodiversity. Some other methods of forestry can be shelter-wood cutting or better yet, selective cutting. Most forests should be protected from cutting at, like Provincial Parks such as Algonquin Park. Citizens of Ontario fear the use of clear cutting leading to a non-aesthetically pleasing country/province and major climate change effects that come along with it.

Protecting Freshwater

The Great Lakes are one of Ontario's and Canada's most prized resources. The lakes provide freshwater to one third of the population of Canada. Even so, the lakes come under constant damage by things such as toxic chemicals, algae growth, loss of biodiversity from fishing, and climate change. At one point Lake Erie was considered a dead lake. Though the ability to revive the lake by reduction of chemicals and other methods was much respected, the government should be doing more to protect the water to prevent an epidemic like this from happening. The citizens in Ontario are especially concerned with this topic because of the amount of water we drink that comes from the Great Lakes and the effect it would have on us if there was a diseases or chemicals within it.

Aboriginal Affairs

The Plan

The plan for the aboriginal peoples in Ontario is very complex and inclusive of all people. On the left is the Minister of Aboriginal Affairs in Ontario. The plan in Ontario is to give aboriginal tribes and youth especially, funding and programs, build stronger relations to develop further opportunities, give proper land claims, and ensuring the fair harvesting of natural resources. Below is a video of Kathleen Wynne, the Premier of Ontario addressing the Aboriginal Affairs herself.
Premier of Ontario, Kathleen Wynne, recounts COF's discussions on Aboriginal Affairs


Though the plan for aboriginal affairs seems solid of paper, there are many issues that are not yet addressed and also laws said and set that have not been followed. A strong concern that many Ontarians have is the weak rebuilding of aboriginal morals in the aftermath of the aboriginal abuse in the 1900s where aboriginal children were harassed sexually and physically. Even though Prime Minister Stephen Harper publicly announced the government's apology, thousands of aboriginals still live being separated from their families and scarred from their experiences. Concerns also arise over whether all aboriginals receive the care from the government and how laws may conflict between Canadian and First Nation's territory such as hunting and weaponry.

Health Promotion & Sport

What we have so far

The promotion of health in Ontario is depressing. The Government of Ontario only spends 0.35% of the government's budget in health promotion. Some popular budget spending includes health care and education, but the promotion of healthy living in reality is more important than either. More money should be spend towards the promotion of living healthier than in taking care of the sick and a well-educated individual should know about the importance of healthy living. Sports is also an area that the provincial government is lackluster in. There is far too much promotion in sports such as basketball and hockey while a person may enjoy playing a different sport that they never got to try. Some independent companies (such as the one below) have are already working to promoted this problems though advertisements, but more people would trust and listen to the government.
Penalty box Tennis Canada TV Commercial Ad

what should be done

What the Ontario Government should do to promote more healthy living is advertise and teach more about healthy living in schools and society so it can be directed to both youth and adults. The goal of the government should be to make the practice of healthy living popular in our society. This way there will be less diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity. Another thing that the government should do is allow the broadcast of other less popular sports be broadcasted on television and radios so that our youth can find a hobby they enjoy that is beneficial to their health.